Who We Are

Lux Craft Inc. is located in New York City. We are dedicated to research and development of LED based technologies. The biggest challenges of LED luminaries is to deliver light without adverse effects associated with high intensity light. Combining our expertise on LED technology with years of experience, each product developed takes these challenges into account.

Why Choose Us

  • Manufactured in USA
  • 100% Gurantee
  • Unmatched Performance
  • Best value On The Market
  • Custom LED Solutions
  • Quick and Reliable delivery

Our Services

Customized LED Solution

Very rarely does one-size-fit-all. We will specify multiple solutions and provide detailed recommendations for a final lighting proposal.

ROI Calculations

Provide detailed ROI information broken down per lamp type and then totalled for complete return on investment analysis.

Built to Spec & Quality Control

With project approval, all LED lights are built to specification and rigorously tested before entering the field.


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